Ballistic Smasher - Stainless Steel Burger Smasher

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The ballistic burger smasher, now in 4 sizes/thickness.

5mm 3/16" 2-3oz

8mm 5/16" 4oz 1/4 lbs

10mm 3/8" 5oz

15mm 5/8" 6oz

This burger smasher with rim shapes lose burger meat on the griddle.

Its fast and easy and the best flavor you can get because of these two reasons:

Less Prep, Wolf meat twice without seasoning or get it straight from the butcher Weigh it into losely shaped balls, no need to add seasoning, shaping or compressing them

More flavor, place a dab of butter on the hot griddle, for flavor and color of the burger, place patty, cover in alufoil or baking sheet, Smash for 10 seconds, gently remove the foil or paper and season. Wait for the center to shows bubbles and flip. Season this side as well if you like and put some cheese on, the burger is done when the cheese is melted.

We dont advise to overpack the smasher this would compress the meat like a normal burger press or hamburger shaper. The burger crust should have bite but the burger meat inside should be soft and lose and flowing with juices! Yes, we smash the burger, but not Hulk!, SMASH! them.

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