Cast Iron Grates - The ultimate Grill and Grilling Surface for all you outdoor cooking

Cast Iron Grates The Ultimate Grill and Grilling Surface For All Your Outdoor Cooking

Why Cast Iron Is Better For Grilling Than Steel, Aluminum Or Porcelain

Non Stick Surface

Grill cooking should produce the same tasty burgers, steaks or chicken that you would expect from your favorite steakhouse or restaurant and with little effort. Seasoned Cast Iron Grates deliver heat better than any other metal and provide a non stick cooking surface allowing easy removal from the grill.There's nothing worse than having your meal stuck on the grill instead of on the plate where it should be. The non stick surface also makes clean up easier.


Food just tastes better when grilled. Veggies are even mouth watering when cooked on our cast iron grates. Meal time doesn't have to be difficult - throw it on the grill and let it do its work! Be creative; almost anything that you cook on your kitchen stove, can be prepared on your barbecue grill. Professionals know that the only true way to grill is to go back to the very basics of grilling using cast iron.So, turn that old kettle of yours PRO with our pre-seasoned cast iron grates!